Productive and Operational

We own and control the whole productive and operational process of our fruit. We count with grape and blueberry packing facilities, located nearby our main production locations. With processing capacity of 15.000 grape cases per day and cooling capacity of 200 pallets we are able to follow up and assure the quality of our fruit from the orchard to the table. We have modular packing and cooling capacities by our blueberry orchards to produce with the higher standards and quality.

We ship and distribute our fruit from our production sites, with the minimum delays and trying to minimize the transportation time.

Our orchards, are managed with the higher standards and the latest technologies focused in producing the fruit that will be best appreciated by our clients. We select very carefully the varieties and type of fruit as a function of the soils and weather required by them. At the same time, we work close to the agriculture research centers to decide about plantations and care of our orchards so that we keep the productive and quality of our orchards.