We produce and ship fruit since 1966, from the beginnings of the fruit export business in Chile. Since then, we have grown at a steady pace, with hundreds of planted hectares, with a diversified range of fruits.

Our production sites are located within the Chilean Central Valley, a long and fertile territory of roughly eight hundred kilometers long, of rich terroirs produced by a geography of volcanic soils, the erosion through thousands of years of the high and pristine mountains of the Andes and the deposit of the rich vegetation watered by running rivers, originated in the glaciers and snow from the high peaks of the mountains. With rainy and cold winters, along with dry and warm summers, these locations are known as one of the best places in the world to produce grapes, cherries, plums, peaches, berries and nuts.

We count with a Grape Packing Plant with capacity of 15.000 thousand cases per day and a Blueberry Packing Plant of 1400 tons processing capacity per day. Our cooling facilities are nearby our orchards and we provide service to our own fruit, to assure the maximum quality standards in its processing.

Our orchards produce nearly one million boxes of fruit, mainly Cherries, Blueberries and Grapes. However, we also have, in less extension, pears, apples, peaches and nuts (Hazelnuts, Chestnuts).



By the rivera of the large Maipo River just a few miles south from Santiago, with a semi-arid Mediterranean climate. Has a cold winter with moderate rains (440 mm of average rainfall), warm and dry summer. Thermal oscillation which can exceed 20 ºC (68 º F), between day and night. In this valley we produce Cherries.


Our main location, where our headquarters and larger orchards for producing grapes are located. With deep soils of clayish texture, franco/clayish and sandy, with great temperature oscillation between day and night, with an annual average temperature of 15° (57ºF), ranging from -2° to 35° between winter and summer. The soil is of volcanic origin of granite rocks from geological formations such as glaciers, volcanic eruptions and local chemical reactions. The Cachapoal river, as it doest the Maipo river, provides superficial watering rich in minerals and granite rock soils. All the watering provided comes from the river that runs from the high mountains across the transversal valley created through thousands of years by the river.


With clay and granite content in its soils, especially towards the coast, and the relatively low Cordillera de la Costa (Coastal Mountain Range), which enables sea breezes to enter the valley as well as the predominant from the cold south and tempered from the Andes mountain range. The annual rainfall of 700mm and a quite high thermal fluctuation without freezing temperatures that allow the best conditions to grow blueberries and cherries. From our orchard in this valley come our best blueberries.


Mid way between the high peaks of the Andes range and the Costal Range is Yerbas Buenas orchard. With clay and granite content in its soils. The annual rainfall of 700mm and a quite high thermal fluctuation without freezing temperatures that allow the best conditions to grow blueberries and cherries. From our orchard in this valley come our best blueberries.


Located by the first of the great clear water rivers of the south of Chile, its origin in lakes located in the limit with Argentina where the Andes range lowers and is covered by native woods and clear waters rivers. With an annual rainfall of 1200 mm, with a very high thermal fluctuation with freezing temperatures and higher temperatures limiting the 35 degrees. With volcanic soils rich in minerals and very fertile, our orchard in this valley produce blueberries, hazel nuts and chesnuts.



The board is integrated by Manuel Puga, Francisco Vial and Federico Puga, with a vast experience of over 40 years managing enterprises in the agriculture industry as other industries as well. MPV, FVV, FPV. This team of entrepreneurs has been able to produce with the higher standards and develop this business growing at a steady pace during the last 30 years.


Manuel Puga acts as Managing Director of a lean structure of engaged and experienced team of managers in the areas of production, operations and commercial management.


We employ over 1500 people during the harvest season and care about our people assuring the highest standards in talent management, certifications and the levels of commitments obtained through the people management policies. We price stability and the engagement of our people.